1、希望有人觉得认识我是一件幸运的事.I hope someone feels lucky to know me.

  2、长安尽头无故里故里从此别长安.At the end of Chang an, I left Chang an in my hometown for no reason.

  3、爱了就淡了,淡了就散了,散了就算了。loveonlight,lightisscattered,scattereththecalculate .

  4、爱你,不是我有意的。我试着孤独,却止不住思念。Love you is not my intention. I try to be alone, but I cant stop missing you.

  5、有一种单身,只是为了等待一个人,等那一个该等的人。There is a kind of single, just waiting for someone, waiting for someone who should be.